Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"In Your Room / Ms. Everything" Test Pressing Is Here!

Fresh from the desk of Certified PR Records:

The UPS girl FINALLY dropped these off today!

Here's what Rev. Norb thinks:

"Bursting forth from St. Louis with the force of a thousand toasted ravioli, BRUISER QUEEN blends 21st Century garage-punk stomp with 60's girl-group shimmy to create a sound raw enough to blow your speakers, yet sophisticated enough to blow your mind.

“In Your Room,” the A-side of their latest whiz-bang offering on Certified PR Records, melds kitschy, SHANNON & THE CLAMS-like sixties-isms with the earnest, straight-ahead she-rock of modern troopers like THE ETTES, delivering a determined rocker that manages to be hammering without coming off as unskilled, and clever without appearing overly cute.

The flip side, “Ms. Everything,” is a bittersweet and even catchier excursion down the same path, with Morgan Nusbaum's dynamite vocals acting as some manner of magnetic attention beacon over the top of Jason Potter's waves of miscellaneous crunchings -- the type of song that one'd imagine could be a big mainstream hit if it ever fell into the hands of blander practitioners ((at least in a happy, imaginary world where the earning of big mainstream hits is at least rudimentarily merit-based)).

Bruisers and queens alike will dig the six-and-a-quarter minutes of genius contained herein, as BRUISER QUEEN manage to strike the perfect balance between “bruiser” and “queen” whilst never once sounding sonically reminiscent of Dick Afflis putting a hammerlock on Freddy Mercury!"

Order your copy today for a chance to win an autographed test pressing!