Heavy High
CD/LP (Certified PR Records CPR040 - 2017)
1. Sugar High
2. Telepathic Mind
3. Here Lies My Heart
4. Have Fun
5. The Way I Love You
6. Teenage Fire
7. The Kill
8. Sea Blue
9. Tonight We Dream
10. Wanderlust

Telepathic Mind b/w Rainbow In The Dark
7" (Certified PR Records CPR038 - 2016)
A1. Telepathic Mind
B1. Rainbow In The Dark (Dio)

Rise And Fall / Black Coats White Fear
Split 7" w. The Girls (2016)
A1. Rise And Fall
A2. Black Coats White Fear (Lost Sounds)

Christmas This Year
7" Flexi Disc Single (Lion's Pride Records - 2015)
A1. Christmas This Year

Let's Fall In Love Again All Over - Home Demos 2010-2015
Cassette (Certified PR Records CPR035 - 2015)
A1. Don't Waste Your Summer (2014 Demo)
A2. Telepathic Mind (2015 Demo)
A3. On The Radio (2012 Demo)
A4. Some Girl's Ghost (2013 Demo)
B1. I'm Yours (2011 Demo)
B2. Hunnies (2011 Demo)
B3. Alien (2011 Demo)
B4. Hooked On Sympathy (2010 Demo)
B5. Whoa! Right? (2010 Demo)

Sweet Static
CD/LP (Boxing Clever Records - 2014)
1. Tiny Heart Attack
2. On The Radio
3. Girl Like Me
4. Invisible Girl
5. Harlequin
6. Save Me
7. Ain't It Enough
8. Late July
9. Some Girl's Ghost
10. Wear My Crown

On The Radio / Girl Like Me
Split 7" w. The Turn It Offs (Miss Molly Music - 2014)
A1. On The Radio (demo)
A2. Girl Like Me (demo)

For All The Hunnies
Cassette/EP (Empty City Records - 2014)
A1. Hunnies
A2. Tonight We Dream
A3. I'm Yours
B1. Girl Like Me
B2. Kiss Me In My Dreams
B3. Foolish Heart

In Your Room b/w Ms. Everything
7" (Certified PR Records CPR029 - 2013)
A1. In Your Room
B1. Ms. Everything
In Your Room
CD/EP (2013)
1. In Your Room
2. Ms. Everything
3. Hooked On Sympathy
4. Alien
5. Black Coats White Fear (Lost Sounds)

CD (Empty City Records - 2012)
Cassette (Eat Tapes Records - 2013)
1. You Are My Only
2. S.H.A.
3. I'm Yours
4. Old Man Winter
5. Foolish Heart
6. Kiss Me In My Dreams
7. Hunnies
8. Wastoid Girl (JEFF the Brotherhood)
9. Swears
10. Scuzz Chunk
LP (Empty City Records - 2016)
A1. You Are My Only
A2. S.H.A.
A3. I'm Yours
A4. Old Man Winter
A5. Foolish Heart
B1. Kiss Me In My Dreams
B2. Hunnies
B3. Swears
B4. Scuzz Chunk
B5. Shy Town Hex

Kassingle Klub
Cassingle Series (2011)
1. Foolish Heart (demo)
2. You Are My Only (demo)
3. Shy Town Hex (demo)

Tiny Bones
CD-R/EP (2010)
1. This Kiss
2. Whoa! Right?
3. Rain Song
4. Headlights and White Lines